Monday, September 7, 2009

Two days after the D Day

On 5th Sept I got a call from our dean while on my way to the campus. He said that the campus bears a pathetic look and we are about to welcome our new students. When I reached the campus, I rushed to the 3rd floor where the student will be accommodated. The workers were fixing the dadoes, grinding the marble floor, the taps and fittings were missing from the toilets.

The parents were donning a very worried look. When I started talking to them, they expressed their concern over the state of the hostel. I tried to passify them with assurances. I and Ajit got into project management mode and told the project people about our priorities.

By evening, the partitions were ready, the taps were fitted, the toilets were ready, one unit of the dormitory with 11 cots was ready. The worried look of the parents was slowing giving way to assuring look. I came back early as I was part of panel discussion on IT leadership.

On 6th, I reached the campus early. I went to the Hostel first. I met the girls. I asked if they had any problems. They said no problems. I felt relieved. The students and the parents who came were not having a concerned look of the previous day. One of the guardians who came and left the previous day and visited again on 6th was looking delighted and expressed his satisfaction at the pace at we have completed the hostel.

On 7th, we had the orientation programme. I along with the faculty addressed the Students and their parents in the really large hall in the 2nd floor. We addressed the parents separately. We briefed the student on academics, labs, hostel life, library etc. The students looked curious and keen. The parents looked satisfied.

I feel that gambling on asking the students to arrive on 5th September was a good idea. The energy, enthusiasm of our staff and workers was amazing when they saw the students on the campus. Their concern for the student's well being was something to witness.

FYI, 5th September was Teacher's Day.


pk said...
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pk said...

Great work done Sir.i am a parent who could not make it to the orientation day.My ward and my brother who reached the campus on 5th and again on 7th were just amazed at the metamorphosis.Our apprehensions of 5th turned into delight on 7th.One small thing;there should be a path finder put at Naka gate and the road subsequently leading to IIIT. i hope necessary Autonomous and Deemed Univ. Status shall be accorded soon by the Authorities.
Sir,some more efforts are needed to sponsor deserving faculties for the Institute. I wish U & YOUR TEAM HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS

dcp said...

I was in the campus right from the morning of 5th till the evening of 8th. Of course I was coming back to my rest house just to sleep.On campus got the chance to interact with Director Prof Nayak, Dean Prof Das,Project Manager Sri Sidharth, Faculty Sri Balwantray who also happened to teach my elder daughter at NIT Durgapur, Sri Bisoi, Sri Debashis and countless staff both in uniform and without. With all the troubles, I can say it was a great TEAM EFFORT by them. Am now relaxed and happy that my daughter has got her second home for next 4 yrs. Thank you Prof Nayak and your very capable team.
DC Pattanayak, IRSEE