Thursday, April 8, 2010

The CG has changed!

When we were students in IIIT, there was a common prank among the students called changing the CG. The CG stands for Center of gravity. When a student does not cooperate with the extra-curricular activities, he is given a CG change. The mattresses will be moved to top of the almirah, the bucket will be on the study table. The CG will change with re-distribution of the objects.

Last month, the CG in the Institute has changed somewhat. The Library has now moved to its designated space on the 3rd Floor. The Workshop has started functioning the far end of the campus. Two floors in the hostel are now functional and a few students have moved to the Hostel.

We want to give more CG change to the Institute. The Mess ought to be ready by end of this month. The Hostel will be ready by three months time. The labs will be rearranged and some of the labs will move to the workshop area.