Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chetan Bhagat and his stories

I took a break for about 5 days in early this month. It gave me opportunity to do some reading which my normal work schedule deprives me of. I read a couple of books by Chetan Bhagat and a book by Rama Chandra Guha. RCG is a Historian and his book a research into modern history. A reflection of that book is a topic for another blog. I will stay focussed on Chetan Bhagat.

Everyone knows about Chetan Bhagat after the release of the movie 3 idiots.

One of his books is based on his experience in IIT Delhi and another one based on his experience in IIMA. It was easy for me to identify with the characters of the book as I had the good fortune of passing through the portals of IIT and IIM. Some of my observations:

  • Chetan Bhagat gave up the career of a Investment Banker to become a writer.

  • His stories are based on his own experience and hence has sense of conviction.

  • The language he uses is a little foul but that adds authenticity to the novels.

  • The Books are cheap (about ninety bucks each).

  • The humour is superb.

  • You can make money out of your own experience.
Last few days, I have been telling our librarians that it should have the most wonderful collection of all kinds of books. The books entertain, inform, inspire the readers. We must reinvent the habit of reading. Who knows, one day one of our alumni will be great writer, movie director, reformer and what not.