Sunday, May 22, 2011

Social Responsibility at IIIT

As is my wont, I take a walk around the campus looking for imperfections and there are plenty of them. Last month, I was pleasantly surprised by a sight.

The food courts had just opened in the workshop building. I was walking around to find how students are responding to the brand new eateries. Then, I found a bunch of children from the labour huts huddled around a few of our students note books in hand and reciting ABC. These students were all girls.

Some of our girl students have started this initiative to educate the children of people who are building our campus with their sweat and toil.

The children are offered sweets and chocolates as an incentive to attend these classes regularly (a midday meal scheme in disguise).

This is the spirit which will set the Institute apart.

My good wishes for these young students and young teachers.