Monday, September 14, 2009

IIIT Gets Electrified (Literally)

We have been on the campus for more than a week. We managed to keep a fact very secret: IIIT did not have electricity connection. We were getting electricity from the Contractor's Generator. He had two generators. We were getting electricity round the clock with the help of these two generators. 

It is a very curious thing in India that very basic things are very hard to get. Getting electricity connection, gas connection, phone connection are some of the very challenging aspects for an Indian citizen.

We could not get electricity connection because CESU and BDA were disputing over right to use of a Electricity Pole. Even though we were ready in every aspect, this dispute led to the delay. We had to persuade many government agencies. Finally on 14th Sept, IIIT got electricity.

Since we are in a rural place, the quality and reliability of the electricity is doubtful. Hence, we have already ordered for a DG set to fully support us in case the electricity fails.

Now, IIIT needs to get electrified figuratively. The energy has to be derived from the faculty and the students. Hence, my blog on electrification of IIIT will continue...


dcp said...

Some of the parents knew this secret but kept quiet seeing the quality of electricity supplied by the DG set and all-round efforts put in by everybody. Just a small request. There should be proper illumination on the boundary wall focussing inside. This will help the security people and the environment

Anonymous said...

That is a nice effort.We understand the problems the Authority has to face in bringing up an institution.This just like bringing up a child.Thank you.