Sunday, September 27, 2009

Social Networking and IIIT

One of the important features of Web 2.0 is social networking. So you have Orkut, linkedin Blogger etc.

I felt that Social networking is for individuals. Many use it with great effect. In NDTV Vikram Chnadra and Barkha Dutt use it in a very interesting manner.

Today, as I was generally surfing, I came across a many sites which use Twitter and Facebook. One such site was University of Michigan. U-M is one of the best university websites.

So I felt let IIIT tweet on twitter. IIIT website now has a gadget which gives summary of IIIT Tweets.

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Pratik Mishra said...

IIIT-bh's current website doesn't look professional at all. It needs a lot more grooming here and there to match it up to the standards of a national university. We can't just keep using the google sites to power out website. We need our own web designing and web hosting team. VSSUT Burla's website got a makeover recently, and it looks more professional and to the point. Please look into the matter. This suggestion is quite important in the world of internet era.