Sunday, September 20, 2009

M.Tech. Project

Masters in engineering used to be a 3 semester course. Later it was changed to a 4 semester course.

In many institutes the last two semesters are used for a project. In our case we followed a system of 3 semesters course-work and one semester of project. In the 3rd semester there is Seminar component.

Depending on the career preference of a student, a student could do a research oriented project or a industry oriented project. Last year some of our students went to company projects while others did projects in the Institute.

When we started introspecting on this issue, we found that the quality of projects done in the company was below the standard we were expecting. Even some projects done in the Institute had quality problems.

Hence, this year we are planning to experiment with a new model. The seminar and the project will have some continuity. The seminar will be used for literature review, methodology review leading to a project proposal by end of the third semester. The fourth semester will be exclusively used for working on the problems contained in the project proposal.

The students can work on various project types: a. development of a business software, b. development of a technology, c. academic project etc. At the end of the project the deliverables will be a thesis and working paper or thesis and a software.

The project phase will have milestones mentioning the delivery expected at that point. We hope that this process will result in high quality thesis worth show-casing.

In essence, we will integrate the seminar and the project components and se


mtech said...

A little hesitation on writing this statement but somewhere i studied a line "success is nothing but old ....."A""B""C"...ABILITY BREAKS AND THE COURAGE". SO IT IS A STEP TOWARDS...courage....i never understand why to stop the internships in companies...why only set up of examples of inf*** like companies that there will be no work for us...reality is something different.... work will be there but it depends on us that we want to do it or not...for our predecessors, there was an experiment which was failed according to management,but again it is a new experiment with is not a problem, problem is with experiments, how many times it will be??? it is million dolar question?????...but no one wants to spend one rupee only.... arguing is the easiest task in this world and i am doing the same. merely sometimes i am thinking about it when i am studying subjects how much they will help me in such a manner that i have to impement it because getting an engg. degree is very easy but really hard to implement it and this time i am understanding this task and the situation... hope for the best for my future..

chotturock said...

The fact is we are totally new to the field of Re.. search.
so a little bit of guidiance is required to make a good startover instead of pondering about the "problem statement".

Rachna Jain said...

your information is really helpful for me of mtech thesis , thank you for providing this information.

Rachana Jain said...

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