Sunday, May 22, 2011

Social Responsibility at IIIT

As is my wont, I take a walk around the campus looking for imperfections and there are plenty of them. Last month, I was pleasantly surprised by a sight.

The food courts had just opened in the workshop building. I was walking around to find how students are responding to the brand new eateries. Then, I found a bunch of children from the labour huts huddled around a few of our students note books in hand and reciting ABC. These students were all girls.

Some of our girl students have started this initiative to educate the children of people who are building our campus with their sweat and toil.

The children are offered sweets and chocolates as an incentive to attend these classes regularly (a midday meal scheme in disguise).

This is the spirit which will set the Institute apart.

My good wishes for these young students and young teachers.


jitesh upadhyay said...

Some times we are feeling that at least we have few people around the country, thinking about the coming generations because these are the people who are ahead of others. at least they are trying to give education to all. hope for the best for those young guns and their dreams. before few days i went to know how the poverty status is in our country and finally seen that few states of republic of india do not have this problem now. congratulations to those people and their politicians. but still a lot to do. and orissa is one of them. hope one day will come the soul of india ORISSA will get a good status .

HUSBAND said...

I also noticed that when I went to IIIT to visit my daughter in April, 2011. The initiatives of these young budding and enthusiastic teachers are laudable and should be appreciated and recognised in all terms.

But one thing I noticed that the classes were held in a room having no doors and windows except a rolling shutter. They have pulled it down three quarters may be to avoid heat, dust, noise of campus & construction activities or the inquisitive eyes of fellow students. What ever is the reason are, I feel the atmosphere of the class room deserves some improvements. This would encourage both the kids of the construction workers as well as the students who have taken some time off from their regular schedules for these disadvantageous kids. Moreover these work should be publicly recognised to encourage more students to join the bandwagon.

Unknown said...

to get them good education, the educator should be addition to the institute...

then when the unitary status to IIIT-BH ?

well wisher said...

Good this kind of initiative make orissa a nice state and others learn from us.

Anonymous said...

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slsharma said...

we some parents of your institue's students were surprised to see the nine floor hostel of boys lacking following amenities.
1. there is no facility of purified drinking water at each floor.
2. there is no lift facility operational. it very inconvenient beacuse the student are not load carrying animals.
3. the student may not keep well for all 365 days. He may sick or having injury in his leg. it is totally inhumane .
4. A lot of energy is getting wasted for climbing/getting down for break fast and lunch and attending various activities.
3. if you forget any book,keys and assignement notes etc. the students are being punished.
4. The individual rooms are like pigeon holes or prisoners room at kala pani.
5. The complete tower is leaking,a lot of water is sliding across outside walls ,giving a very shabby look.
6. The dining area for vegetarian students should be earmarked seperately. The serving staff is not removing the plates immediately. The bones should not decorated on the tables.
6.At least a glass of milk must be provided in morning and evening
7. The hostels are lacking tight security. Too much relaxation has been provided which may invite untoward incidents.
hope this will be viewed seriously and action will be initiated urgently for the benefit of institute and children.

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