Monday, June 14, 2010

IIIT to get Unitary University Status

There is some good news.

Last week the Cabinet of the Orissa Government decided to approve a bill to be passed in the Assembly conferring University Status to IIIT.

The process may take about six months before IIIT becomes a University.

There are many good things which will result from being a university: Academic Autonomy is the most important one. We will leverage this autonomy to increase the rigour of our programmes, improve the syllabus and challenge the students to reach higher.

It is our earnest hope that the process gets over ASAP.


SRIJAN said...

Will it be state university or deemed university? And what is the difference between them?

jitesh upadhyay said...

it will be a deemed university.. it can not be state university. another one thing what i know or i studied about the legislature structure of the indian state and the act of 1956 at least 10 years should be there for an institute to get status of deemed univ with good teaching, infrastructure and few other things and in some special cases the time of 10 years can be reduced.
...may be possible, i am wrong with this information so please contact to others also.... hope for yours best. and one thing i never seen any case or the process where assembly of the state is directly involved in these we know already that institute has name of govt. of our loving state odisha . when the bill was passed in assembly to make a new govt. college in the same district ? when there is already one govt. college existing. so it is very understandable that we are using name of the govt. as govt. of odisha is providing money to conduct the college for infrastructure and other things. again i want to say that i may be wrong as we never get whole information about it and the act nevvr published by authorities and govt. .

Abhishek Pradhan said...

@jitesh upadhyay

IIIT Bh will be state university. According to the state university act a state has power to recognize a institute (within the state) as unitary university. Unitary universities are declared under state university act.
IIIT Delhi is a state university as declared by its website. In fact VSSUT is also a unitary university.
For clarification refer to and

jitesh upadhyay said...

@ srijan....

please go to the link hope you will get som valuable information

@srijan dear srijan please check the casee of iiit hyderabad and bangalore hope you will understand what iiit bhubaneswar is going to do. as i am agry with you that iiit delhi has that type of recog. but dont for gett the use of name also iiit by means "indraprastha" ,note as in case of hyderabad, bangalore and bhubaneswar "international"

RG said...

sir,sory m askng ths as the discussion is nt abt ths,,,bt i wntd to knw...-- i apprd o-jee2010..nd gt rank 3000 so cn i gt in iiit-bbsr?? do reply sir...

Abhishek Pradhan said...

name doesnt suggest much. only central govt institutes can have a tag of INDIAN thats all. State universities can have any name like indraprastha (IIIT Delhi) or IERCEM (IIIT Kolkata).

Fact is that all these iiits are of national importance as mentioned by AICTE.

Refer to

Syed Fazle Rahman said...

I am completely satisfied by Abhishek Pradhan sir. All IIITs in India are given equal status by AICTE. Only the central govt institute can have name 'Indian' rest can have any name. In the AICTE official website IIIT bhubaneswar is placed in the same list where IIIT Allahabad is placed. According to the site, there are total 9 IIITs in India which AICTE recognizes and IIIT Bhubaneswar shares the same status.
for more reference visit

Crezane said...

@jitesh upadhyay
@Abhishek Pradhan

thanks for all the information u gave....but this question am asking is very important to my future...i hope to get response as soon as possible as the counselling process has already been started..
my question is..according to my rank am getting mechanical in igit sarang and electrical and electronics in iiit bhubaneswar...what do u think will be good its not based on branch but on institution that matters to me...???

iiit student said...

iiit-bhubaneswar can never become like iiit-hyderabad or iiit-pune,both of which are world class institutes.dats bcoz both have great research facilties and publish research papers regularly.on the other hand iiit-bh is just another college based on rot learning in orissa and i dont think theres any creativity as the logo boasts about innovation. anyways atleast being free from the clutches of bput would be a bit better if not anything revolutionary.also if we talk about it being a PPP institute,i don think theres any great software giant supportin it like microsoft.theres only infosys which recruits students in every other institute in orissa.

Abhishek Pradhan said...

@iiit student

Rome is not built in one day. Just wait and watch. And we dont need to explain you much about IIIT Bh. When you dont know about something then you have no right to comment on that.

We dont have much time to waste on these kind of bakws.

iiit student said...

@ abhishek pradhan
i have heard that a 100 times(about rome not being built in a single day),but look at the state of higher education in orissa. too many pvt colleges which take more money nd deliver less. to make an institute stand out ,the administration and faculty should try to do things differently.havent seen a single iiit admit students from state joints for btech courses (that goes for even for a state university like iiit-hyderabad).also please look at the the following link

and compare it with iiit-bbsr.quality never comes with the name(like iiit),but with the people who run it.

kumar_satpathy said...

@iiit student:-What abt IIT?

If u would have taken admision in IIT-bbsr,Have u said d same thing?

Abhishek Pradhan said...

i understand what you want to say but the problem with this iiit is it is under BPUT so it cant pay higher salary to its faculty then how you can expect a prof to leave iit or nit and join this institute. This year IIIT Bh is going to be declared unitary university after that institute can increase salary of its faculty.

Thats why i hav said rome is not build in one day.

it will take time. Even IIIT Hyd also took 10 yrs to reach such a height. This was the discussion also for IIIT Hyd before 10 yrs. You hav to keep faith. If govt doesnt wanted a good institute then what was the necessary for opening another institute.

iiit student said...

let me share with u an instance :
a students father was in 2 minds - about putting his son into KIITS or IIIT. finally ,he didnt care if iiit was anything like as its name suggests.he put him in kiits. what i mean to say is that ,this institute cannot live upto its expectations if it wants to stay with state level the best students in odisha dont even appear for ojee. so unless u go completely indian theres no chance that this institute will fare great.better students attract great faculty.and the results and consequences will for unitary status,thats not a very big step.there are 3 or 4 technical universities in orissa and the best being uce ,burla which being unitary in nature cant even chose its own candidates (other than ojee) .the argument is not that its a state university ,so it will admit state candidates only.take for example the delhi technical university,which choses not only state candidates through aieee but also on all india basis.and mind u,its a state university too.

Abhishek Pradhan said...

IIIT Bh will take students from both AIEEE and OJEE after being declared unitary university. That much freedom has been given to IIIT Bh. Its sure that it will take students from AIEEE.

It will take more students from AIEEE than OJEE. And the thing is Odisha Govt gives more emphasis on IIIT Bh than any other state govt engg. collage in Odisha. Thats why IIIT is going be declared versity in just 2 yrs of opening.

About VSSUT, it itself doesnt want to take students from AIEEE. It wants to uplift the standards of odisha students only.

Even AICTE accepts IIIT Bh as a institute on national importance. IIIT Bh is only state govt engg. collage who has got this status not even VSSUT, after being a institute having 50 yrs of establishment.

pratik said...

@iiit student (IS)
@abhishek pradhan(AP)

i have been admitted to the institute just a few days back. i cant help but agree with "AP" that it will take time for the institute to flourish fully.i think patience is the key.yet "IS" is right in pointing out that admitting students from all over india through aieee will improve standards greatly.i think it would be great if its the 1st step towards autonomy after being declared a university by govt.

iiit student said...

@ abhishek pradhan

its just a rumour that we are talking about(aieee selections).i dont think the state govt. would allow that to happen even if it becomes a university. also what about research ? and also job prospects through placement. today the only place software MNCs like microsoft ,adobe or amazon visit in orissa is NIT rorkela even if they dont operate in orissa. i think the practical purpose of joining a technical institute is to get a good about that? is this institute competent enough to provide quality placement opportunities to its students ? i can agree upon aicte giving this institute the status of national importance.but the institute needs to prove itself that "yes we can provide what iits and nits can".

gd said...

@iiit student

I guess by your name that you are a student of this institute. It is of great shame that you are trying to degrade the reputation of your own college in this blog. You might have scored too less in Ojee and it is your good luck and IIIT's bad luck that you got admission here. Shame on you. GO and sell yourself on the street. You will get a couple of bucks for your bear. Don't waste yours as well as our time by posting crap comments on this blog.

Hope you and Jitesh learnt something from this.

Mike said...

It will be good to learn in our own environment

Mike said...

It is good to learn under our own environment

ashish said...

talking about iiit-bh i've been trying to find out the importance of the word 'international' mentioned in the name of my college ever since a senior questioned or maybe i should say 'ragged'me about it....any views?

siphon said...

iiit never be a university bcoz about 8 month have gone from cabinet decission but till now it is not a university

NiteshR said...

ONE YEAR n 14 days..n NO University..:(

truth alone triumphs said...

kabhi nai hoga ye...unitary university..........just 23 acre campus....oriya faculty..who do not get job anywhere else......are here..bakwas hai...

Anonymous said...

The article was written in 2010 and now it is 2012.Nearly 2 years.Well i know that after unitary university it will improve its standard. But how long Odisha govt is going to take its decision and pass the bill..........How long?? It clearly shows their laziness.

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Soumyaranjan Sahoo said...

I am proud to be called a adds a tag to my name..iiits are considered dream institutes..but after coming to iiit-bh i dont see any serious action being taken to grant it the university status.even we students dont have neither any official technical group nor cultural group.if we need to compete globally with other iiits like iiit-h,iiit-a,we need to develop and prepare ourselves accordingly.....i feel we students only can define our tag THE IIITIANS being worth of!

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Jashoda Swain said...

How is IIIT bbsr for mtech?? and what about placement? Is it AICTE aproved??

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