Friday, May 7, 2010

The Hostel now gets Messy

For last 7 months the kitchen of the mess operated in the Admin Building. The mess brought other forms of mess: flies, occasional dogs and I have spotted a cow once. The mess contractor always complained about the effort required to carry the foot 3 stories up and down. We wanted the mess in the Hostel to be ready ASAP.

In our last Construction Review meeting, the contractor promised to deliver the mess by end of the week. We were earnestly hoping that he will keep his promise. As April was coming to an end, I started querying about the status of the mess. Siddhartha told me it may be delayed by a week. I was a little disappointed. Finally, Siddhartha said he will try to advance the delivery by may be two days. I took his word and announced the mess opening on the 5th May.

The entire team swung into action. On 4th the contractor moved his stuff in to the new kitchen. On 5th May the breakfast was served in the mess. I went to the mess at about 11:30 AM. Some kids were taking breakfast :).

The hostel is partially ready. We have given the target of completing the Hostel by June end.

PS: The foyer of the admin block looks a lot cleaner though a bit bereft of life.

PS: The picture shown above shows mess from the US Navy


gaurav santhalia said...
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gaurav santhalia said...

well, When IIIT was operating at OCAC I and milan use to come to our campus and we thought we would be staying here from next year(2010).

Unfortunately, the academic block was ready but I was bit disappointed as we were not facilitated with hostel and it would be hectic for us to do to and fro from bbsr to malipada.

For me it was difficult to sustain in the world class dorm as i need privacy and i have my own way of living and ca't be compromised at any cost.So, I decided to not put myself in danger zone.But, I was happy atleast we are operating at our own campus rather than a rented building.

My Brother who used to come bbsr from kolkata for some east coast railway tender frequentlly used to do lunch with me when we were at OCAC. But, now when he come here i even could not meet him as its too far once i at academic block.

A Month ago i was talking with dean sir regarding our operation days at OCAC, we came to a conclusion that at OCAC we were much comfortable as everything was within 20 mts radius with just 44 mtech students.

Anyway, I would not like to disappointed anyone but it's depends on every individual how they takes things for there own convenience.

jitesh upadhyay said... ...sir was very serious about the mess contractors problem because he was in trouble to go up to three stairs...but never wrote about students problem.....what type of food they are eating?..... it doesn't matter... on the other hand hostel is partially ready...the problem is not with the thing going on but the problem is with the word "partially"......after spending two precious years of my life here everything i have "partially". we had hostel in govt. colony but it was hostel "partially", we had a food contaractor named jha ji of OCAC .the most important thing he gave food to us "partially", we ever used food here "partially", we studied in air conditioned classes "partially", students lived in campus in world class dorm. "partially", college had solutions for all the problems "partially",...........BUT STORY HAS AN END HERE NAMED PARTIALLY..... bit funny but hope for our juniors.. sorry i didn't used word successors...i mean hope for the best of our successors. they will get better facility, library, classes, teachers, labs, instructors, placement..... fully... not partially.

jitesh upadhyay said...

..yesterday i wrote something but the problem is why i m doing this it is not a more then a frestration. whatever it is, last night i thought persons can do promice but can really they understand when things are going on the another path..... as i know we are in a democratic country and every one has a right to show his or her own words without disturbing others. exactly i have done that . but problem is here what will be the action after it? action will be on the things going on or on me? it is a one rupee question because i know no one is going to give an answer and.... hope last few days will be fine here.. few more days... when i will leave this place.... lord of the land jagannath will help me to stay here for few more days.

rahul kumar said...

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