Monday, July 27, 2009

Campus Accommodation for B.Tech. Students

From the beginning, IIIT is designed to be a residential campus. When we announced out B. Tech. Programme a couple of weeks ago, the foundation casting of the hostel was being done. There is no way the hostel will be ready by 1st Sept when classes will begin.

Parents of a lot of candidates called us about hostel accommodation. Our answer was that there is no hostel accommodation on the campus till 2nd Sem, but we are trying. We wrote a letter to the Government requesting them to allot a few flats. That request is still in progress.

Some parents of girls meanwhile argued that since they are not from Bhubaneswar, they will have a very hard time finding accommodation. They also raised the issue of security and safety. I completely agreed with them. I discussed the issue with Prof. Ajit K Das and Siddharth. We decided to scout for hostel accommodation in the City last weekend. While accommodation was available, the conditions were not satisfactory. IIIT can not lend its name to such accommodation. I told Siddharth to find alternatives.

Siddarth came up with a bright idea. The 3rd Floor of the Academic Building is ready but unfinished. We were not planning to use this space in the first year. Why not provide dormitory accommodation in the first semester in that space. We thought about it. The more we thought about it more we liked the idea. There are several plus points: safe and hygienic accommodation, no travel, etc.

It is not the same as providing our regular Hostel Accommodation but far better than staying in some shabby place in the city. We will provide a bed, table and a chair to the students. About 11 students will be accommodated in a room. We should be able to accommodate able to accommodate about 180 students.

I hope that the students and their parents will appreciate our efforts. In a few months the hostel will be ready and the Dormitory accommodation will be a thing of the past.


rajat said...

It is ok about the hostel facility, comfort can be compromised.
But the question is whether the institute can provide proper lab and workshop facility for the 1st semester students when the session starts.
Sir please clarify about this topic.

Bismay_007 said...

yah....wat abt workshops nd lab facilities.....??????

Abhijit said...

hello sir
pls clarify whether this iiit bhubaneswar can be if not like iiit hyd but near its standard in four years ???
and what about placements ?
WHEN we will pass out of this college we will be first batch of btech of iiit bhubaneswar , and now recession is going on too
so will we get any offers in campus selections..??
sir pls answer this ...pls.

the present days!!!!!!!!!! said...

theres no doubt on the high reputation of your institute in producing extremely talented b tech graduates.... sir i just wanted to know... is the library ready... coz we ll b badly in need of a library to spent our study time... and sir has there been any other progress in the campus construction... i mean the playgrounds.. internet access ...or the basketball courts... coz it ll b a refreshment for a lot of students studying hard there...

sir kindly answer.. i ll b greatly obliged to you..

thanking you..

jyoti said...

sir i want to know whether there will be separate hostel accomodation for 1st year students for the 1st semester

aditya said...

@SIR:Sir, we as students r in full co-operation with u in ur efforts to complete the construction of labs workshops and hostels.But sir as the students staying in the college frm day 1 will be cut off from the city if the college cud provide small playing courts lyk BasketBall or Badminton or Tennis courts it wud b of great recreational value.

Sandeep said...

Hello sir.The hostel facility provided by u is alright.I came to know from your blog that 11 students will be accommodated in a room.But according to me this is little troublesome for the students.I fear we may not be able to concentrate on our studies because there might be any disturbance.So it would be very nice of u,if u kindly try to accommodate 3-5 students in a single room.

pk said...

Sir, we are leaving our children at IIIT's disposal for 4 years and are sure of your parental care. A few suggestions though;
i)You need to have adequate WCs for the Dormitory system,
ii)Washing Machines,
iii)A visiting Doctor with essential medicines,
iv)A laptop on instalment basis for each student in the campus.REGARDS.