Saturday, July 25, 2009

My encounter with our First B.Tech. Student

Today, in my office a mother and a daughter came looking very dejected. They informed me that the girl has already taken admission in IIIT in the JEE counselling process. I was alarmed to see their dejected face. I wanted to know the reason.

The girl informed me that she came to know about the IIIT Fee after taking admission and found the fee very high. She wanted our help in any way. We tried to explain our fee structure and then wrote a letter to the JEE authorities requesting them to inform the students about our fee structure before they exercise their choice. I also requested the JEE authorities to give the girl one more chance to choose her institute and branch.

I joined for B.Tech. 30 years ago in IIT Kharagpur. The tuition fee was about Rs 200 year and I used spend about Rs. 250 a month on boarding and lodging. Looks very cheap today. My father who was a teacher used earn about Rs. 500 per month. The point is that Engineering education was very expensive those days inspite of near-zero tuition fees. After three years when my brother also took admission in Burla, nothing was left from the salary to feed our family.

About 10 years ago, I was the admission coordinator in XIMB. The institute decided to raise the fees to provide computers and other facilities to the students. I was not sure if the students will accept such a sudden hike. During the admission interviews, I tried to gauge the reactions of the students to this proposal. To my utter surprise, the typical reaction was that if it is going to improve the quality of the education, we will pay; we have not come here to cut cost but to get quality education.

Today, the earning capacity of the general public is a lot more. The middle class values education and hence is willing to spend if it means you get quality education. Look at the fees charged by the IIMs and craze to join these Institutes.

IIIT is a government Institute. The general perception is that in a Government Institute education should be free. Hence, some students and parents are surprised by our proposed fee structure.

IIITs operates with a different paradigm. The government funds us for the capital expenses like the Building etc. The revenue expenses are to be self generated. The faculty has be very good. You will not get good faculty unless they are paid well. The facilities have to be good. The atmosphere has to be eclectic and any visitor must experience inspired creativity in the campus. To achieve this, one needs finances. The finances may come from the Government or from the students. In case of IIITs, second option is chosen.

The students will get education which will be best in its class. We are confident that the time students will spend here will remain the high point of their life.


rajat said...

thanks sir your line swere quite informative...

Kshirod said...

Dr Nayak's advocacy for a quality education is always welcomed. So also the idea of linking the quality with cost.

But we should also keep in our mind the commensurate value for quality.

I have not compared, but I would like to request Dr. Nayak to compare the fee charged by similar institutes (other IIITs) with that of our Bhubaneswar and fix/propose the fee keeping the socio-economic condition of our State. But simulteneously I should request him not to water down the quality to cut the costs.

IIIT, Bhubaneswar can also explore the idea of arranging scholarships,loan scholarships or educational loans for some meritorious but needy like the girl visited him who wants to pursue education in a quality institution like IIIT but having a second thought but for the cost involved.

It would be better for IIIT authorities to come out quickly with a reassuring message for all the present and future student of this budding Institute.

pk said...

Sir, it is hoped that faculty recruitment is over for the B.Tech programme. Will u pl.disclose the selected faculty list in the web site.


Thank you sir for your valuable note..
but may i like to request u that to make our selves fit we need to play.
and there is no ground to play except volley ball. which are acquired by seniors. so please do some arrangement FOR PLAYING for us .(first year student)


and there are more than 500 students and playing facility is only for 12 to 15 students???????