Wednesday, March 21, 2018

RIP message of a Student : A Strong Lesson for Others

Sushant Mishra

“Death” is the answer which nobody questions, and “life” is the question which nobody can answer. Death is inevitable, nobody can avoid it. But reasons could have been avoided.

The unnatural death of a 4th Year student, Himanshu Rathore at Paradeep  on 28th Feb 2018  due to drowning  came as a shocking news to the Institute.

Students prefer to ignore advice / warning of the Institute. They prefer to take certain adventurous actions, which may result in fatality. They do not visualize the consequence of error. For the daring actions, they may get temporary satisfaction; even this might have gotten them brownie points from friends. The temporary provocation or temptation sometimes results grievous consequences.  

Apart from venturing into sea for bathing, doing acrobats in bikes or high wall jumping or Spiderman stunt or taking Selfie pic in vulnerable positions are some bright examples. But fatal results will leave tears in the eyes of your family and well wishers.

Life is very precious and delicate. There is no re-take or un-do. You don't have exclusive right on your life. A major part of your life belongs to your parents, relatives, and friends. So one should not dare / take risk on his life, which you have no complete ownership. Parents have many expectations, wishes and dreams on you. Don't dishearten them. They get pleasure from your smile, so keep them smiling, not crying.

The Institute has witnessed half a dozen unnatural deaths in its brief period of existence. A few had miraculous escape from the jaws of death. They got new lease of lives. The stigma, traumatic feeling of the survivors will last for their life long. They ventured into the water despite warning from the Institute and from others.

Off late some mischievous students get sadistic pleasure by breaking fire extinguisher system.  Fire extinguishers which are meant for protecting them will be no use in case of  a fire.

Death due to drowning is one kind of willful death or shadow suicide. Any kind of daring instinct and challenge should be avoided which will cause sorrow to family. Being aspirant of a bright professional career, you should do certain action for which your family, friends, Institute, nation should proud of, not to feel sorry about.

The Institute expressed condolence to his bereaved family. We know the Institute will back to normal within a day or two. Friends will mourn for a week or so. But we understand the heartbreaking feeling of parents, whose tears will not dry.

May the soul of Himanshu Rathore rest in peace. And it will be great tribute to him, if all other students learn a strong lesson from this irreparable loss and they should vow not to venture into life-risk actions beyond protection limit.

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Dilip Panda said...

The case was not first time. From the death of four students, perhaps the authority had no lesson. On this condolence silent term the authority had admit for their negligency and quit the post.