Tuesday, February 4, 2014

University Now. What Next

At long last the Government of Odisha has notified giving University Status to IIIT Bhubaneswar.

What does this mean in academic terms. Now the Institute has the powers
  • to award degree
  • to float new programmes
  • to create own curriculum
  • to follow its own admission procedure
The powers invested with the Institute will be used to improve the curriculum, rigour of delivery. To start with, Doctoral Programme will be introduced.

The act empowers every one including the faculty, staff, students and the administration and demands higher quality output.


1 comment:

Ankit Anupam said...

I liked the fact that you introduced a fifth empty bullet in the write-up. Now whether it happened inadvertently or was a deliberate attempt on your part, I don't know. But this faux pas certainly sets a precedent on how our fledgling university should be in future. Freedom of thought, the ability of various stakeholders to contribute seamlessly, untrammelled and unfettered, and an ever-encompassing attitude of the institute for positive changes, will definitely augur well for the institute. Wishing the institute a successful future ahead.
PS: Please make a change in the footer of the logo in the homepage of institute's website. It should read "a University established by Govt. of Odisha".