Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good News! Bad News! Who knows?

This is a story I heard long ago.

The Chinese tell the story of an old man who owned a bony plow horse. One spring afternoon the horse ran away. The old man's friends, trying to console him, said, "We're so sorry about your horse, old man. What a misfortune you've had." But the old man said, "Bad news, good news-who knows?"

A few days later the horse returned home leading a herd of wild horses. Again the friends came running. Filled with jubilation, they cried, "How wonderful!" But the old man whispered, "Good news, bad news-who knows?"

Then the next day, when the farmer's son was trying to ride one of the new horses, the young man was thrown to the ground and broke both legs. The friends gasped. The old man stood still and said, "Bad news, good news-who knows?"

And a short time later when the village went to war and all the young men were drafted to fight, the farmer's son was excused because of two broken legs. Good news. Bad news. Who knows?

 Last week, the story came back to my mind. A news about Odisha attracting huge investment was posted on our Facebook page and the title was Good News, Bad News Who knows. One reader responded angrily what is bad about it. When the RBI Governor rated Odisha at the bottom of all states, I thought that was bad news. Then, another news article reminded us that now we can demand more from center because of our backwardness. That is good news.

We started operating 2 Lifts in Hostel. Within two days, there were physical damages done to the Lifts my our dear students. I felt that is bad news. However, the good news is that the students will remain fit.

This is a story which gives me hope when things go bad and keeps my feet on ground when the things seem to go right.

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shailesh gopal said...

Well, the story is pretty good, since last one and half year, i don't get M.tech original certificate and for that NIT surat denied me to appear for interview which seems to me bad, but after a year i got an opportunity to pursue Ph.d in Chang gung university which seems to be good. But this degree costs me a lot in past. Hope IIIT university status expedite the process of degree distribution in time.