Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aiming and waiting for Perfection

When I joined IIIT in 2007, I shared my office with Prof. Ajit Das and M Y Rao my secretary. I used to have an office which was bigger than room three of us were sharing. I moved to my room only after six months. In IIIT, at that time there was no Internet, Library, Canteen or any amenity one is used to. It took time to build some of these features.

Subsequently, when we moved to Gothapatna Campus, the story repeated. We moved to a half constructed building. There was no electricity, no phone, no fax, no Internet. Prof Das and I shared a room. We tried hard to bring such facilities aend eventually over time these happened.

When I spoke to the students in the inaugural function, I said IIIT aims for perfection but does not wait for perfection. I am convinced that if you wait for perfection, it will never happen. Get there and make perfection happen is the principles we follow at IIIT.

So, you will see plenty of imperfections in IIIT. It is there in infrastructure, people, processes. We are aware of these imperfections and make effort to bring perfections. It causes inconveniences for people affected but we believe that is way to go.

Since ours is a residential campus, there is no need for transport service. However, we run a bus service to the city for convenience of the students. However, it is a 40 seater bus and gets crowded some times. Should we run 10 buses ensuring a seat for every student or run a bus based on our estimation of average load which may be inaccurate. We have chosen to run a imperfect transport system but aim for perfection by adding capacity or requesting Municipality to extend the City Bus service. Eventually, we will have a near perfect transport system.

Above is one example of our principle of Aiming for Perfection but not Waiting for Perfection. There are many instances. When I was chatting with Subroto Bagchi, he said it is a great idea and write a blog on this.

So here is the blog.


gaurav santhalia said...

Dear Sir,

I take this analogous even with our personal achievements. It takes quite a large amount of time to shape ourself towards perfection.For this one has to bee committed and dedicated towards his/her responsibility and work.

God blog for Students of IIIT.

jitesh upadhyay said...

if a person is there who is talking only about himself, then only he cab be great in his own way..... by the way...... say only when you can do. lot of promice game happend in college but result is about to know...still waiting

jitesh upadhyay said...

listening is always better then orating........."AIMING AND WAITING FOR PERFECTION"

dcp said...

I will request the concerned authorities to update the official web site of IIIT regularly. In the admission section under PhD head it still announces admission will take place in 2008-09 though in few days we shall enter into 2011-12. Lets aim for perfection

jitesh upadhyay said...


"perfect" and "ideal" are the stages which can not be achieved. obviously we have to wait for the perfection as the aiming is working sense of humor behind that.

hope for the aiming

dcp said...

I will request Director IIIT Bhubaneswar to join the discussions taking place on website where a very nice and well meaning discussions are taking place regarding the future of IIIt Bh

Soumya said...

Dear Sir,

We are really happy with what You made us available as the 2nd batch of this college... IIIT-Bh's infrastructure is one of the fastest growing in comparison to any govt. undertaking. Sir, perfection is something which if looked as closely appears to be a moving target.. But under Your esteemed guidance, our Institute will surely hit the pinnacle of infra. one day.