Friday, December 3, 2010

Commencement and Foundation Day Lectures

"Why have you stopped blogging?" one student asked me recently. I have not really stopped blogging. This year since July I assumed the position of President of Rotary Club. I started blogging for Rotary. You can see Rotary Blogs here. My principle is two to three blogs a month.

We started a very important tradition in the Institute: Various Lecture Series. We propose to have four Institutional Lectures in a Year: Commencement Lecture at the Beginning of the year, Foundation Day Lecture on 29th Nov, the Last Lecture and the Convocation Lecture.

We are fortunate to start the first two of the series. The first commencement lecture was delivered by Subroto Bagchi. The First Foundation Lecture was delivered by Bijay Patnaik. Both of them are members of the IIIT board.

Subroto Bagchi spoke on what it takes to be a professional. Bijay Patnaik spoke on the challenges a resource rich but poor state like Orissa faces in its path to Industrialization.

The commencement lecture was a sober affair with minimal organizational effort. The foundation day lecture was more flamboyant.

The point worth highlighting was the way students organized and got involved in the Foundation Day Lecture. They organized sports events, painting, rangoli, photography events and what not. On the day of the lecture the volunteers did a outstanding job and the lecture was a smooth affair.

The only hitch was the dinner. The Institute hosted a Dinner on this occasion. It was very unfortunate that the food was over by the time half the students had eaten. However, the situation was salvaged due the patience displayed by the students and some damage control action taken by Siddharth Padhi. I feel the the Institute owes the students one more treat to compensate for the fiasco of the Foundation Day Dinner.


gaurav santhalia said...
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gaurav santhalia said...

Dear Sir, As alumni of IIIT your blog keep us updated what is happening around the campus.

Well, by reading your current blog, we got sure that our convocation is going to be held shortly.

Please keep on blogging.