Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Resolutions

It is a fad to have New Year resolutions. Some of the popular new year resolutions are Quit Smoking, Read a book etc. Now a days the Internet helps you to find ideas on New Year resolutions. Take a look at this and this and this. All these picked from a simple Google search.

Does an Institute make new year resolutions? It may be a little unusual but yes.

Tradition dictates that every 365 days, you should try to kick bad habits and start your life anew. So the idea is to sit down with a cup of coffee, a paper and a pen, and reflect: What kinds of New Years Resolutions will we make for Institute this January 1st?

I have a few ideas about a few things we should not do and a few things we should do as an Institute.

Develop a sense of belonging and ownership:

We are a very new Institute. Being a Government Institute there are no owners of the Institute except the Government itself. So what is meaning of a sense of belonging and ownership. The students and faculty now call this Institute my Institute. When the students will pass out and do not live on the campus any more, they will still call it my Institute. They will take pride in good things that the Institute does. The Institute will do well only when its faculty, students and its Alumni do well. It is a challenge of very high order.

Develop a Innovator's mindset:

I had said on many occasions that the Institute should be a technology play ground. I am afraid we are far from being a technology playground. To use technology and to develop technology should be trait with everyone in the Institute. We need to take some positive and proactive steps to kickstart this habit.

Develop an atmosphere of certainty:

Lack of precision and certainty is a prevailing characteristic of Indian way of life. IIIT has inherited some of these characteristics. In our communication, we need to develop a sense of precision and in our action, we need to develop a sense of certainty.


jitesh upadhyay said...

i never smoked. i dont want to drink, if resolutions around these things then unfortunately i am the most fortunate person in this world. life is going on its way ,whatever is happening it is the part of life so what's need of a resolution, i am still trying for good things which i want to achieve, previously i was in search,so what's this new word in dictionary RESOLUTION is doing there, finally a conclusion is here from my side whatever is here accept this reality, i was not so much talented and i know about it, previously i was not feered about things, but now i hav some feers and it is the need of the time otherwisely i can not grow any more..... and one thinng more lot of cultures and civilizations are there in this world and how many times we are going to celebrate and waiting for this resolutions??????? it,s a great question but if really new year like thing is existing i will pray to land of the lord jagannath it will be a good year for me, where i will get a job in indian army, so still waiting for a call of ssb and hope i will get soon, then next year i will say that 2010 was "happy new year" for me.

Aayan Bharat said...

Sir I believe if there has to be something like our institute being a technology playground the institute should start this by starting off with competitions like junkyard wars and like

Yours obediently
Swadesh Priyadarshi

Anonymous said...

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