Monday, October 19, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

I am not a great cricket fan. But I follow cricket occasionally. During the summer of 1983 world cup in England, I was at home. I had just completed Engineering and about join a Job in Mumbai. There was no TV in those days. We tuned to BBC to listen to the cricket commentary. West Indies was a force to reckon with. There were Clive Lloyds, Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge as Batsmen. They had 4 very dangerous fast bowlers. West Indies were unbeatable. But India beat them in the first encounter. Very unexpected. India was to beat Zimbawe easily. In the match against Zimbawe, India was 17 for 5. Then came Kapil's 175. India beat Zimbawe in the most unexpected way. India's victory in the finals was very unexpected. It was a low scoring game. Viv Richards was supposed to finish it single handedly. That was not to be. The guys who bet on India's victory - there were not many- has the unexpected joy of laughing all the way to the bank. That year West Indies visited India. We expected the series to be well fought. India lost every single match comprehensively.

The recent cricket matches are very unexpected. After IPL, India was to be superstar in 20-20 cricket. In the 20-20 world cup they were out in the first round. In the champions trophy, they were out in the first round. In a Series of matches before that India has a unenviable record.

In the world today the winner expects the unexpected. This is a contrarian view which opposes the view held by the majority. Consider the job market. A few years ago the job market was very bullish. The market for IT professionals was kissing the sky. In the last couple of years the job market has seen the bad times. What do you expect the job market to be in future. Th unexpected?


gaurav santhalia said...

Well, this question is equivalent to determine a stock price using various mathematical tools of probability distribution function.

I believe the future job market will depend on quality of workforce rather than quantity. Previouslly big IT firms used to hire students from campus in thousands but if we take today senario it's not the case.

The quality of job will be delievered on the basis of skill. Its the big question "quality job",hope the computer science students can't assimilate it .

So, bottom line of my coda is if u have skills market is open for u otherwise u will not find any routing algorithms which may lead u to pass the firewall successsfully.

jitesh upadhyay said...

winning is a habit and we have to develop it.... and loosing is the part of the game we have to learn it...somewhere i always search a solution in the problem and loosers always involves with problems......winning is not by luck it is hard work.....1983 is kapils dedication and 2007 is dhonis passion thats why they are the legends....if a scientist will not fail then he can not invent any new thing.....there are lot of jobs in the depends on us that what we have...and we are capable or not...... hope for the best for all of us.... if we will do work hard then definitely rewarded..... himalaya is there because it has height... sea is there because it has depth.... it does not matter for us whats market condition day will come when we will get.....cheer up guys...good time is waiting for your work only.... dont think about it....nothing you will get except the way do not forget these words from shreemad bhagvat geeta.... karmanye vadhikaraste, maa faleshu kadachana..... from jitesh upadhyay