Saturday, August 29, 2009

Internetting in IIIT

I had my got my email account in IIT Kharagpur in 1991. One had to go to the electronics dept to send or receive an email. When I visited Antwerp in 1995, I had my exposure to Internet i.e. access the web using Netscape Navigator. It just struck me in the web possibilities were mind blowing.

When I came back, I explored if we could have access to Internet in XIMB. In those days, Internet was provided through STPI, ERNET and NIC. We were desperate to get Internet. But, Institute of Physics was even more desperate. After pleading with STPI, OCAC which dealt with ernet, we had a breakthrough. STPI agreed to provide Internet access to educational Institutes. Institute of Physics got it first and XIMB was the second one to get it. In 1997, we had 64kbps bandwidth.

Over the years, we have got used to highspeed internet. In XIMB, we virtually doubled out our bandwidth every year.

When I joined IIIT and we started functioning out of OCAC, OCAC was kind enough to let us use their bandwidth. Subsequently, when we started our Masters programme, we get 1 Mbps bandwidth from STPI.

As we are moving to our new campus, the issue of Internet hit us again. Our campus is a little remote for most of the ISPs. As luck would have it, BSNL was laying its fibre optic cable in Gothapatna and saw IIIT as a client. They extended their fibre to IIIT. Then, they came out with an offer we just could not refuse. They offered 10 Mbps at a very attractive price. We just fell for it.

So in the gothapatna campus, we will start with a 10 Mbps Internet Link. BTW, IIITs have requested Govt of India to include them in the Konwledge Net which with give Gigabit access for free.


wesh m black hole said...

It will be nice if IIIT incorporates the MIT-opencourseware web learning in the campus.

gaurav santhalia said...

well, the present strenght of IIIT may be probablly 300 including Btech students, Mtech students, Faculties and staffs. So, as per my enumeration per person should get a speed between 30-33 kbps.

When I ask some of my friends who are doing some higher studies in other govt and private insitute they tell they have wholesome of 2-4 Mbps bandwidth, which is very minute in today's senario.

so, IIIT is coming out with new flavours but we should keep in mind we should not misuse this flavours....

sandeep said...

Its very nice that IIIT will provide 10mbps speed.It will be very helpful for the students...