Friday, April 17, 2009

Elections and Technology

TOI calls it the dance of democracy. Other news papers have coined various names. We are talking about general elections. The election posters have replaced telco billboards. Election Ads have replaced toothpaste ones. Every newspaper carries Ads of at least three parties every day.

I think elections can compete with Bollywood and Cricket in the entertainment quotient. In fact right now IGL (Indian General Elections) is competing with IPL ( starring cricketers and bollywood stars). Let's see who will entertain the public most. Both can compare with a Agatha Christi Thriller. The result will be known at the very end. But, Hercule Poirot and Prannoy Roy et al. will privide the entertainment of a life time.

The Election Commission is very IT savvy. Witness the evm machine, the voter ID card. When florida was counting and recounting and re-recounting the votes, India was carrying out voting through EVMs and with no glitches. Amazing!

A couple of days back I got a call from Naveen Patnaik. When I tried to interrupt, It did not work. It took me some time to realize that Technology was fooling me. It was a recorded message. Then, I have received calls from many contestents. All of them are recorded messages.

Any web site I visit today has an Ad from This appears many more times compared to the matrimony ads which was the most visible ads. If the population of India drops, you can safely blame the elections.

It is surprising to see how the official machinery, political parties, voters have embraced technology to make this election a memorable one. I hope that the deserving candidates win. No matter who wins the elections, the marriage between the technology and elections is a winner.

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