Sunday, January 18, 2009

M.Tech Admissions

We have started the M.Tech Admission process from today.

In different times, different levels of education are considered as the basic standard. During 1950s, passing Matriculation was considered as a very high qualification. Many mentioned their degree as MA (Matriculation Appeared but Failed). Even appearing for an examination was considered as a qualification. A person with matriculation would find a job easily in those days.

When we were doing engineering, B.Tech. was the final degree for many. Today, B.Tech. has become a basic degree for students. In good times, B.Tech. alone fetches a good job. However, as you grow, your are faced with the glass ceiling. In bad times, you may not get a job when you have completed your B.Tech. Degree. At that stage, one needs to differentiate from the rest with a good higher academic degree.

Hence, MBA and M.Tech. degrees are helpful. Acquiring the degree from a good institute which believes in rigorous education is more important.

By design, we have tried to bring rigour to our M.Tech. degree through a number of courses, seminars, projects and other pedagogical means. It is our objective to ensure that the two years should be a very memorable part of one's life.

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