Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Created Official Blog for IIIT-BH

It seems to be a fad to create Official Blog for organizations. Google has an official Blog. Yahoo has it. So, I thought it will be a good idea to create an official blog site.

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Saswat said...

Dear Sir,

I came to know that IIIT,Bh also planning to run B.Tech program including M.Tech.I would like to say that there are numerous good colleges who offer B.Tech program but they don't offer quality M.Tech course.So I am not in favour of running B.Tech course rather good students and working professionals should be attracted to take admission in IIIT as now a days people are not intersted to pursue M.Tech .Because there is no demand for M.Tech students in IT field.

gaurav santhalia said...

Dear Mr. Saswat,

Let me tell you an event where this discussion was hot. The palce was bangare and i went for a conference (comsware 2008) where infosys india product manger, Prof. Ashok jhunjunwala(IIT-Madras, PM Scientific Com Member) Prof L.N.Patnaik (IISc Bangalore) chaired this session for this discussion. As per infosys product manager the demand of M-tech and phd student are quite hgh but they are not getting the quality. Every year from indian premier intitute we produce only 50 phd per branch.Now just magin were r we. Infosys hired max phd and ms holder outside india as we don't have.
According to prof ashok jhunjunwala there is a mass requirement of qality mtech students for industry but we lack in higher education..

one thing i can assure u sir at IIIT-bh we don't have shortcuts and we shall prove it as we are out in market as we have world class faculty and we work on real time projects. We are very lucky to be under the shadow of Dr nayak and Prof Das and we shall fullfill their dreams